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Periodical Services

Hot winter for all italian brands of automobiles at Anas shpk

This season the Italian brands come with a superb package at Anas shpk.

Starting from 10th of December till 30 th of March 2013, Anas Service presents to all the Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia owners the freedom for a hot shiny winter, full of gifts.

With the promotional package you can get 12 different checkups for only 3500 lek such as:

  1. Checup and diagnosis with wiTECHPlus Technology
  2. Driving System Contoll
    3. Engine belts control
    4. Engine oil level and other cooling liquids control
    5. Rear brake control
    6. Front brake control
    7. Hand brake control
    8. Lighting system control and other direction indicators
    9. Battery efficiency control
    10.Spark controll
    11. Glass wiper control
    12. Tire pressure control

Furthermore, 15% of discount not just for the defect fixing but even for oil rifillment, filters and brake pads replecament.

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